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Club Competitions 2019

Throughout the summer, we have a variety of club competitions which can be entered by our members by completing the relevant Competition Entry and Subscription Form at the start of the year.


For the latest results, individual competition rules and scoring, select one of the links above. 



General rules - All competitions 2019

Mens Championship Ladies Championship Ladies Handicap Mens Handicap Mens Pairs Ladies Pairs Select Pairs Mixed Select Ladies Choice Married Pairs Seniors Sets Mixed 2 Wood Novices Drawn Triples Mens 2 Wood Ladies 2 Wood

The competitor drawn ‘on top’ in all singles competitions (with the exception of the Men’s and Ladies’ Two Wood Singles) will provide a marker, who shall be a current playing member of the Club.


For club competitions up to semi-finals and any event where the Notice of Competition or Match so indicates, the Dress Code shall be 2 star or higher.

2 star - White top, including any approved Club top, blouson or jacket carrying club colours and grey below the waist.


Immediately after the last day of the previous round ALL competitors, top or bottom, must contact their opposition to arrange the next round. The competitor(s) drawn on top must offer a minimum of three dates to their opponents, only two of which may run consecutively. Where an opponent is known to be employed during the day, the dates offered are to include a weekday evening and a weekend session. When the date is agreed it shall be entered into the club diary. The competitor(s) on top shall draw for the rink. The members telephone list can be found in the members area.


It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that the game has been played by the expiry date of the round. If games have not been played by the due date or dispensation granted by the fixtures sub-committee, the defaulter(s) will be scratched.


All finals must be played on Finals’ Day. Should a team member not be available to play on the designated day then a substitute as per Club Rule 5 shall apply.


St. Saviour's Bowls Club scorecard to be used and signed card to be placed in the holder adjacent to the Mens tabs.


All games will be played according to World Bowls rules. (View or download a copy)




























Super Singles 2019 COMPETITION RESULTS Click to download 2019 FINAL'S SCHEDULE